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Pelikan Pens

Pelikan is numbered among the worlds best in product design: with over 165 years of history, Pelikan has become one of the largest suppliers of writing instruments. 1929 was one of the most important dates for Pelikan since the company was founded. In this year, the first fountain pen was produced. Equipped with a piston filling mechanism, which was patented in 1927. Defining its personal character is the heart of each Pelikan fountain pen: the nib. Nibs for Pelikan fountain pens are masterfully shaped and engraved, slit and polished.

Self filling fountain pens using pressure and lever mechanisms and so called safety fountain pens that were filled by using an eyedropper ruled the market after World War I. However, they could only carry a small amount of ink and, as the name indicates, using the safety pen was rather complicated if you wanted to keep your hands clean at the same time.

It was then that the Hungarian engineer Theodor Kovacs developed a revolutionary new system: The piston filling mechanism with a differential spindle gear. Compensation chambers were added to the ink feed to prevent blotting. In 1927 he sold the patents to the company Günther Wagner in Hanover that re-patented them under its own name in 1929.

In the same year, the "transparent Pelikan fountain pen" was launched. It received its name from the transparent ink container, which made it easier to monitor the ink capacity. Apart from the striking, jade green barrel, the fountain pen was rather plain looking and did not receive a model number either.

The technical advantages, made known to the retailers and buyers in and outside the country by extensive advertisement, quickly resulted in the company Günther Wagner gaining a substantial share in the fountain pen market. Although, however, with the price ranging in 13.50 Reichsmark, the pen was rather ascribed to the upper middle class.


At the end of 1930, the second model, the "Pelikan Gold" appeared. It had a 14 carat gold sleeve and decorative rings on the cap of the same worth. The caps of the Pelikan fountain pen "green" and "black", as they were called, received decorative rings, as well.

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